Who Are The Friends

The Friends of the Charlotte News is a 501 (c) 3 organization setup to help support through fundraising, promotion and local initiatives the long lasting strength of the of the Charlotte News newspaper.

The mission of the Friends of the Charlotte News

The mission of TFCN is to support and advance local journalism that educates the public on subjects useful to the individual and beneficial to the Charlotte community. This includes educating the public on matters related to town and school issues, creating a forum for public discourse on matters of importance to local citizens, holding elected officials accountable for their actions through coverage of town and school meetings, and establishing a journalism legacy by expanding opportunities for student interns.We grant funds to The Charlotte News on a monthly basis to support these charitable and educational purposes. Such support may take the form of grants to help pay stipends for writers, editors and production staff, to purchase new and replacement equipment (including computer hardware and software, scanner/printers) and to help pay for any other expenses needed to ensure the News is able to serve the people of Charlotte with high integrity local journalism.

The Friends of the Charlotte News and The Charlotte News itself are independent organizations. Specifically, no officer or director of the Friends will exercise any influence over content published in the News. The editor in chief of The Charlotte News, under the supervision of the publisher of the paper, will retain full editorial control over the contents of the paper. Neither the Friends board nor any individual member of the board will interfere with the day-to-day decisions of the publisher or editor of the News, including the stories to be published and how they are edited. The Friends board will not make decisions on funding requests from the News based on any assessment of the newsworthiness of the material published in the paper or based on any editorial decision made by the editor of the paper. Funding decisions will instead be made only in accordance with the assessment of the Friends board that the request furthers the educational and charitable purposes of the Friends itself.


Donations made to the Friends of the Charlotte News are tax deductible. Once a donation has been made there will be an acknowledgement and thank you letter sent. Donations are a vital part of the overall well being of the Charlotte News. These donations support the intern programs, the young writers program, the archival initiatives along with the expansion of the online presence and E-Newsletter to name a few. Donations may be sent by check to the P.O. Box provided, or by simply clicking the donate button below.

Other forms of gift giving may be stock and bond donations and or monthly pledges. For more information on how you can donate please contact us by sending an email, writing or calling using the contact information provided on the bottom of this web page.

Donors are asked to acknowledge that their donation information may be supplied to organizations upon request but those organizations must commit not to solicit or contact those donors other than for the purpose of audit or confirmation of donations given.

Members of the Friends

Alphabetical Order

  1. Susanne Davis
  2. Susan Sim
  3. Michelle Tiller

If you would like to assist in our fundraising efforts or lend a hand at any of the various functions held during the course of the year, please drop us a line or call. Our contact details are provided at the bottom of the page.