December 1, 2020

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During this presidential election year, you may feel particular urgency to consume quality reporting that delivers facts instead of fear. But we’ll let you in on a secret.We feel that urgency every single day, because the health of our community, our schools and our businesses is a priority at The Charlotte News. all year long.

Nonprofit news is different, as you no doubt know.

But you may not know that, as a nonprofit news organization, The Charlotte News depends on donations from our readers to sustain this vital public service. Simply put, we need YOU to keep us going. A powerful way to do that is to make a financial contribution today, and your donation will be doubled by The Charlotte News board of directors. For a limited time, your new monthly donation will be doubled, or your one-time gift will be matched. This match—and your support—will go a long way toward helping us meet our year-end goal of $20,000.

Support local, nonprofit reporting that strengthens our community all year long. Invest in journalism for the people, with the people.

Yes, I believe in the work you're doing!

Please donate now to invest in nonprofit public-service journalism that keeps you informed. Today and all year long.

With Gratitude,

Claudia Marshall

Publisher, The Charlotte News

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